• In-House Computerized State Pesticide Registration Service Center
  • After Initial Set-up, No Client Participation is Required
  • ATSSC Handles All Aspects of State Pesticide Registrations and Renewals
  • Pesticide Company and Product Information Is Entered One Time
  • Computer System Automatically Fills out and Completes All 50+ State Forms
  • Computer System Updated Regularly for Changes in State Forms, Fees and Regulations
  • New Product State Registration/Renewal Package Submissions
  • Periodic Updates and Status Reports of each Product and State Registration to Client
  • Generate Various Reports by State and Product as Requested
  • Maintain and Account for All State Registrations Fees. (Separate Escrow Account)
  • State Regulatory Support - including Stop Sale and Non Registration Issues Resolved
  • Over 30 Years Experience and Relationships with the California Pesticide Registration Staff
  • Electronic Scanning/Storage of EPA Documentation, MSDS's and Product Labels
  • If Supplied, Use State Sales to Advise what States are Worth Maintaining Registrations
  • Special Local Needs - SLN (FIFRA Section 24c)
  • Experimental Use Permits - EUP (FIFRA Section 18), and Interpretations (FIFRA Section 2ee) data