US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Registration Services:

  • Over 30 Years Experience and Relationships with the EPA Pesticide Registration Staff
  • Extensive In-house Computerized EPA and State Data Base Research Services
  • Data Base Searches for Studies and Data to Support Registration
  • Experts in Data Base searches to find existing Studies to save Registration time & money
  • In-house Pesticide Product Label System (PPLS) with EPA Labels Registered since 1971
  • Generate Reports on Pesticide Product Registrations Based on 40+ EPA Data Bases
  • In-house Data Base Systems are Kept Current and Updated Monthly
  • Register & Obtain EPA Company and EPA Pesticide Producing Establishment Numbers
  • EPA Pesticide Label Development and Regulatory Formatting Compliance
  • Computer Generated Forms and Paperwork Packages for EPA Registration Submission.
  • EPA Cite-All ("me, too") Registrations formatted and supported to expedite Registration
  • Data Citations, Compensation and "Offer to Pay" Letter Drafts and Mailings
  • Supplemental Distribution of a Registered Product (Sub-Registration) Submissions
  • Label Amendments, Alternate Formulations (CSF) and Alternate Supplier Submissions
  • Reregistration Eligibility Document (RED) Responses
  • Data Call In (DCI) Responses
  • Reduced Risk, Minor Use and Biopesticide Petitions
  • In-House Laboratory to Research, Develop and Make Pesticide Formulation Samples
  • Source & Qualify Pesticide and Inert Supplier Companies
  • Qualify & Monitor GLP Laboratories for the Required Studies Necessary for Registration
  • Develop and Test Quality Assurance Methods of Analysis and Quality Testing
  • Child Resistant Closure (CRC) Certification responses
  • Worker Protection Standards (WPS) compliance and guidance
  • Training and System for FIFRA 6(a)(2) Adverse Effects Reporting Rule Compliance
  • Representation on Pesticide Industry Task Forces and Committees