ADAMS TECHNOLOGY SYSTEMS LLC (ATS), President, Rob R. Adams, Jr. has been in the Pesticide Formulation and Regulatory business for over 30 years. In the mid 1970's he worked with his father and brother to establish Adams Veterinary Research Laboratories (AVRL). The unique formulations and registrations developed by AVRL revolutionized the entire Veterinary industry. In the mid 1980's, AVRL was purchased by a large multinational pharmaceutical company to compliment it's line of Veterinary vaccines, medications and nutritional products.

After the sale of AVRL, Mr. Adams and other key personnel established a pesticide contract packaging company. This contract packaging company's business was to find the candidate product, research suppliers, develop and test the formulation, arrange to have the necessary Safety and Efficacy Studies performed, register with the US EPA, the States and actually produce the finished product. The company expanded it's product line from Veterinary products to include Lawn & Garden, Exterminator (PCO), Homeowner and Agricultural Pesticide products. Over it's seven year existence, over 200 EPA Registrations were obtained by Mr. Adams.

A sampling of the contract packaging customers from the mid 1980's to 1991 reads like a Who's Who for the pesticide industry: Farnam, Purina Mills, Sandoz, Zoecon, Zodiac, Vet Kem, Starbar, Equicare, Enforcer Products, Hadro Drugs, Lextron, Classic Products, A&W Pet Care Products, Agri Laboratories, JSE Products, VetMate Laboratories, American Household Products, Pet Gold (Petco), Reuter Laboratories, TechAmerica, HiLo (RocCorp), Lambert Kay, Fairfield American (AgrEvo), A. H. Robbins (ConAgra), Beecham Laboratories, Love Land, Pestco, Four Paws, Calmic (Wellcome), Cardinal Laboratories, Hub States, Fearing, Pro-Discount Supply, Shoo-Fly, Wade Jones Company, Davis Veterinary Products, Absorbine (WF Young), Fermenta Animal Health, Pets Pacifica, Meridian Veterinary Products, PT Technologies, Professional Pet Products (PPP), New York Kennel Club, Oakhurst, Aero Chemical Company, Bio-Derm Laboratories, etc. This contract packaging company was sold in 1991.

For the next four years, Mr. Adams helped a group of Investors establish a new contract packing company for the purpose of providing Pesticide Products to the Mass (Consumer) Market. In 1996, after over twenty years of establishing, building and operating Pesticide Packaging Companies, it was time to slow down.