List of Organizations that Adams Technology Systems LLC is a member and/or participant:
CPDA Chemical Producers and Distributors Association
(General Pesticides)
ISSA International Sanitary Supply Association
(General Pesticides and Antimicrobials)
RISE Responsible Industry for a Sound Environment
(Pesticide Use Stewardship)
ASTM American Society For Testing and Materials
(Pesticide Research & Testing Standards)
SCHC Society for Chemical Hazard Communication
(Chemical & Pesticide Safety Standards)
ANSI American National Standards Institute
(MSDS & Safety Standards)
NSF National Sanitation Foundation
(Food Handling Establishment Pesticides)
NPCA National Pest Control Association
(Professional Exterminator Pesticides)
PIJAC Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council
(Pet, Vet, Equine and Large Animal Products)