ADAMS TECHNOLOGY SYSTEMS LLC (ATS), is a leader in the field of Research and Development of Pesticide Formulations and Regulatory Compliance. ATS works with the Client's Management, Sales and Marketing personnel to determine what new products, formulations and packaging are required for their Company and Product Lines to grow. ATS will find the candidate product, research suppliers, develop and test the formulation, arrange to have the necessary Safety and Efficacy Studies performed, register it with the US EPA and the individual US States and Territories. In addition, ATS has the experience and strategic alliances for registering products in Canada, European Union (EU), and the Orient.

ADAMS TECHNOLOGY SYSTEMS LLC (ATS) was formed in April, 1996 with a Business Plan for the continuation of EPA and State Pesticide Regulatory Services without the actual manufacturing of the finished product.

ATS personnel have a thorough understanding of the processes and requirements for registering pesticides with the US EPA as well as in all 50+ states (52 with DC & PR). Since the mid 1970's, ATS personnel have obtained over
450 EPA Registrations, developed over 250 non-pesticide formulations, and registered products in all 50+ states and several foreign countries. ATS acts as the client's Registered Agent and totally handle all regulatory requirements.

ATS has established a computerized State Pesticide Registration Service Center. The
ADAMS TECHNOLOGY STATE SERVICE CENTER (ATSSC) relieves the Client of it's State registration hassles at a cost that is less than doing the job internally. This computer system allows the Client's product data to be loaded one time and then automatically entered into each of the 50+ different Registration and Renewal forms. ATSSC's extensive capabilities include: management of product data, Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), Confidential Statement of Formulas (CSF), EPA Stamped Labels (ESL), actual marketed product labels, fee calculations, State and EPA registration tracking and more. Continual updates of the State Laws, State Forms and Fee Calculation schemes assure registrants that they are meeting each state's most current requirements.

In addition, ATS has an in-house laboratory for research and development of new formulations. ATS works closely with the leading innovative supplier companies to continually update it files about new pesticides and molecules that will be available in the future. ATS entrepreneurial staff specializes in developing and registering new formulations one year or season before the larger companies can get the product approved by it's management ("Ivory Tower").

ATS maintains a strong working relationship with the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), California Department of Pesticide Regulation (CDPR) and other state regulatory authorities. ATS partners belong to and are active in numerous National Pesticide Organizations*. ATS serves on boards and committees that work directly with the EPA and State Regulatory Authorities to improve and streamline the Pesticide Registration Process.


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