Terms &

Terms and Conditions

  1. The One Time Set-up Charges plus the first calendar year ATSSC Service Charge is due with purchase order. Actual State Registration Fees for deposit into your Escrow Account are invoiced separately and are due upon receipt.
  2. New or On-going projects are invoiced when milestones are reached or monthly, whichever occurs first. Invoices are due upon receipt.
  3. This Estimate is for the One Time Set-up Charges and ATSSC Service Charges only. This includes Set-up of Company files, Product Information input to the State Registration Data Base, and preparation of the necessary paperwork for State Registration submission. This also includes continuous monitoring and updating of State Forms and Fees Data Base to stay current on changes in the State Fees, State Laws and State Regulations.
  4. The ATSSC Service Charges are fully earned once the paperwork has been generated and prepared for submission. While ATSSC will normally handle routine calls and requests from the individual states, any excessive (more than ~30 minutes) time and expenses are charged out at the normal Partner, Regulatory Specialist or Regulatory Assistant rate, as per the current "Regulatory and Laboratory Fee Schedule".
  5. The Client is responsible for all expenses, including but not limited to: Actual State Registration Fees, Penalties. Surcharges, Mill Taxes, Laboratory Charges, Study Fees, Regulatory Formatting of Studies, Shipping & Postage, Copying, Fax Charges, etc.
  6. The EPA and the various State Regulatory authorities routinely conduct inspections and audits that will sometimes yield some sort of violation or problem. ATSSC will receive a call or letter informing us of the violation or problem. Normally ATSSC will log, handle the matter and do whatever is necessary to satisfy the Regulatory Authorities. This is usually accomplished at no extra charge and without the Client's involvement. Occasionally, the violation or problem will involve additional time, expense, penalty and/or fine. As stated above, this is the Client's responsibility and will be invoiced accordingly.
  7. However, if the problem was as a result of an error made by ATSSC, then the time, penalty and/or fine will be paid by ATSSC up to a maximum of $1000. The amount above $1000 and what would have been paid for the normal registration activities, such as the Actual State Registration Fee, One Time Set-up Charges, ATSSC Service Charge, etc., will still be the responsibility of the Client.
  8. The Estimate is an educated guess of how much time and expenses are necessary to complete the project. The estimate is based upon figures and information supplied by the Client. Invoices will be based upon the actual services performed and expenses incurred.
  9. Some states, like California, Colorado, New York and Florida, are very demanding in their review of data and labels. The ATSSC Service Charge includes the submission of the paperwork only. Any other work required will be invoiced as per the current "Regulatory and Laboratory Fee Schedule".
  10. The ATSSC Service Charge or Consulting Fees do NOT guarantee a favorable decision from Regulatory Authorities. While we will follow up and work for a favorable decision, Project Fees are fully earned once the paperwork has been submitted. Any further lab work, label drafts and/or resubmission paperwork would constitute a new project and will be invoiced as per the current "Regulatory and Laboratory Fee Schedule".
  11. The ATSSC Service Charge does NOT guarantee that any testing or studies will be favorable. Again, we will work with the Laboratory and the Regulatory Authorities to gain favorable results. The project fee is earned when copies of the test results have been completed.